What is "tracing" when it comes to debt collection?

In today’s tough economic climate to get your outstanding debts collected, you need to make contact with your customers quickly before they move to another address, leaving them owing you money.

In the majority of debt recovery cases it's not difficult making contact with your business debtors through good and prompt communication. When you do however find that a debtor has left their given address (both company or individual), we have the people and the technology to trace them so that we can actively and succesfully recover your outstanding debt.

Our tracing agents are very experienced and have access to the latest and most up-to-date databases to ensure they receive detailed and accurate information on your debtor in the fastest possible time, in order to collect the debts owed to your business.

UK traces are charged on a no-trace-no-fee basis, mirroring our debt collection service charges. So how do we do it?

By utilising Data Protection compliant sources, our tracing officers have access to the highest accuracy of records in the industry through at a foundation, accessing the contact information on over 70% of UK residents. Together with access to the Government's Insolvency Register, detailing any bankruptcy or administration orders issued against the debtor, our tracing agents also have direct access to all Companies House records which include company and trading names, registered offices, director's names and addresses, dates of birth, shareholders, solvency reports, CCJs, winding up petition and administration orders, liquidation information, financial risk reports and full company accounts. Our tracing of a debtor is extremely comprehensive.

Furthermore, to delve even deeper into the tracing of a company or individual, our tracing agents have access to the Land Registry which details ownership of all properties across the UK, BT and UK Directory Enquiries for the names of the registered bill payers, Experian for full details of credit applications for individuals and companies, the DVLA and HPI databases for full names, addresses, vehicle and change information of the registered owners and keepers of vehicles and the Birth, Death and Marriage records for England and Wales from 1984.

Our tracing is carried out legally and ethically through the use of our approved database platform access ensuring compliance at all times to preserve the integrity of the collection process, your business as well as our own. We don't cut corners when collecting your business debts owed. Once we have the positive information we need concerning the whereabouts and contact information of your debtor, we then proceed with our standard debt collection process. Tracing is an invaluable part of the entire debt recovery process.

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