UK Government bodies claimed to be the worst for forceful collection of debts, a BBC report reveals.

Local councils and government bodies may not ordinarily be associated with sending "the heavies" round to collect debts but according to Citizens Advice, they are often worse than consumer creditors, can be very aggressive and quick to use bailiffs, MPs say.

The Treasury Select Committee says debts and overpayments are often pursued "over-zealously and uncompromisingly" by councils and now demands public sector bodies change the way they recover debts owed to them.

The current strategy pushes vulnerable, struggling people and families into further difficulties, the committee says. In its report "Household finances: income, savings and debt", MPs single out public bodies for lagging behind more professional, sensitive and fair debt collection methods.

Read more on some of the experiences from people who have had “heavy-handed” treatment from debt collection officers and bailiffs, some even being marched to cash machines to settle overdue payments at

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