Fraudsters posing as debt collectors and debt fixers scam innocent British neighbourhood

An innocent man from Wales was contacted by two Debt Collection agencies in October stating that he owed money in unpaid credit card charges and was then scammed out of £5000.

It's nearing Christmas, we all have the end of the year budget pains, everybody is trying their hardest in the UK, what with Brexit, austerity and uncertainty, to ensure there is enough money in their pockets, enough food on the table and money to last through the New Year.

However, what people don't expect is to be contacted by fraudsters pretending to be debt collectors or debt fixers to try and scam you out of your hard earned cash.

Richard, from Wales, received threatening fraudulent letters from two Debt Collection agencies referring to credit cards dating back 3-5 years previously and charges that he had supposedly incurred. Without specifically referring to account numbers or full card details he was uncertain as to their validity. He tried to call both debt collection companies, but neither of the phone numbers actually worked.

Some time later he was then telephoned by a man called Stephen Gage from a company called Consumer Debt Assistance, who explained that they help consumers deal with debts pushed through the courts and that he had been notified that there was an active legal case against him. And that he could help. Richard new nothing about this at all and had not received any official letters or court correspondence.

Stephen said that this situation happens a lot of the time and that the courts were slow to send out paperwork. He asked Richard if he was aware of any debts against him or if he had recently received any letters regarding unpaid debts and Richard confirmed that he had and although was unsure if they were valid, they were totalling almost £14,000.

Stephen then indicated that the court proceedings were in relation to one of those debts he had received letters about and that the other one was likely to also go ahead. But he said he could deal with all of these on his behalf, negotiate with the debt collection agencies, get the debt owed significantly reduced and that he would do all of that for him.

Richard, again, unsure if the debts were even real and reluctant to give away any money agreed to use Stephen, as he confirmed that once the debt collectors were halted and the debt amount had been reduced through his negotiation, they could then prove the debt wasn't his and claim the money back.

Two days later Stephen called Richard saying that he had sorted out both debt issues and if he transferred him £5000 both debts were settled and no further action would take place. Richard agreed, transferred the money and that was the last time he ever heard from him and received no further communication or letters.

Richard then realised weeks later that it was all a scam and in fact his neighbours had also received the same letters and calls from the same companies and people with the same fraudulent debt story.

We are an ethical Outsourced Credit Control and Debt Collection company with a strict process that we follow for both credit control and debt collection. We communicate above and beyond other debt collection companies with our clients' debtors because from our experience we know that the majority of unpaid debts result from poor communication and much of the time, customer service issues. And that these debts can be recovered quickly amicably and if not, through a stringent legal process. However, we always back up our communication with official letters, invoice/statements and court documentation where necessary.

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