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Proceeding with Debt Collection levies a 15% service fee based on the total debt, plus VAT on a NO WIN NO FEE BASIS. £1000 (ex VAT) minimum debt per invoice. We will not accept debt collection cases in relation to rent arrears or consumer regulated agreements.

Upon submission, we will select the relevant panel member required to enforce the collection of overdue accounts from our list of approved and preferred Debt Recovery partners. You will then be contacted by our chosen panel member to confirm the instruction and proceed with your case. If possible, please upload your single debt invoice or for bulk collection, a spreadsheet showing all debtors with their contact details (name, company, phone & mobile numbers, email & postal addresses) together with amounts owed. You will then be contacted to request copies of invoices and other documentation/communication as proof of debt separately by your case handler.

Note that all disbursements, court fees, court administration costs and judgement enforcement costs may be payable by you in advance before any claim can commence and submitted to or enforced by the court. There might be disbursements, court and judgement administration costs that will not be recoverable from your Debtor. There is also no guarantee that you will win your claim and where it proves unsuccessful you will incur claim and enforcement costs without the ability to recover them from your Debtor. For court and judgement enforcement costs for England and Wales visit

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